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Commercial & environmental benefits

Adding value to your business:

With us improving your green credentials benefit your profit margin and stabilise your cost.

ESG strategy, Net Zero and circular economy.

Substantial reductions in transportation and waste management costs

Processing waste is an increasingly expensive business which is only set to rise.

We have created an operating model which examines all these factors, encompassing the current costs of our customers (whilst mitigating their future increases) and offsetting them against the volume and mass reductions, so that our customers can be assured of lower, fixed waste costs on an annual basis.

10 - 20%

Average cost savings enjoyed by our customers

Improving your Net Zero and ESG strategy through circular economy

ESG Strategy and environmental credentials are increasingly at the top of customers’ agendas, we can make you stand out in the crowd.

Mixed Residual Waste, whether commercial or domestic, is often contaminated with organic material, so it cannot be recycled in a traditional way. It ends up being burnt or buried.

By treating Mixed Residual Waste with Advetec XO technology you can dispose of the waste as Solid Recovered Fuel which has a significantly lower environmental impact and benefits the Circular Economy.

As a data-driven environmental company, we will give you the tools to provide your customers with answers to often difficult questions, showing a positive change you make to their environmental impact.

The ability to offer a reliable service that positively affects customers’ green credentials and carbon footprint has become a smart business practice.


predicted total decarbonisation

We can't turn diesel back to red, so let's embrace green tech

As the change to red diesel tax rules puts enormous pressure on the financial viability of waste businesses up and down the country – it’s inevitable that customers will also feel the financial pinch as hefty cost increases are passed on.

Our innovative technology reduces the waste mass by 50% and waste volume by 70% on-site. In doing so, waste operators will reduce their consumption of on red diesel, thereby stabilising costs and reducing emissions.

This gives you a competitive advantage, as it lessens the impact of fuel and labour price increase.

Fewer diesel miles means lower emissions and carbon footprint.


reduction in transportation

Future-proofing waste business

As a dynamic, innovative, data-driven business we continuously seek to understand more about our customers’ needs. This drives our R&D programme.

Research & Development

Thinking of Scotland and beyond: AT4 compliance

Our compliance with AT4 levels demonstrates that the waste has been stabilised allowing it to still go to landfill with a reduced environmental impact. However, we are still committed to encouraging waste handlers to recover the value of floc in a more sustainable way, such as sending it for processing as SRF.

AT4 tests measure the stability of biodegradable waste and consider whether it will break down further.

Our extensive independent testing of the floc demonstrates that it achieves the required AT4 threshold for stability meaning that in Ireland the floc can go to landfill at the lower rate of landfill tax and will be able to go to still go to landfill in Scotland post 2025.


AT4 mg 02g DW

Considerable GHG emissions reductions and your answer to the Methane Pledge

Stabilising waste has considerable benefits for any offtake method used.

If utilised as Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) it is an effective alternative fuel for reducing GHG emissions from energy-heavy industries. This way we can benefit the Circular Economy.

Infrastructure and economical challenges can prevent waste handlers from taking advantage of that method, landfill being often the most commonly used for contaminated waste that cannot be recycled.

GHG emissions from landfill are approximately a 50/50 split between methane and CO2, with methane being 32x more damaging to the atmosphere than CO2.

Our technology removes organic material from waste, preventing further break down process and methane emission.

90 - 100%

average methane reduction

Seamless on-site integration which tailors to your processes

The XO system has been designed with minimal customer disruption at the heart of what it does.

We dovetail our technology into our customers’ operations ensuring there are little or no changes to site operators’ activities, this helps ensure rapid adoption by the team using our machines.

24 - 36 hrs

Typically operational within

A collaborative approach to meeting regulatory and environmental requirements

Waste streams can dictate different permitting requirements in the UK; this can involve either a standard permit exemption or the need for a bespoke permit. Advetec and their environmental specialist partners will work with you and the environmental authorities to ensure you navigate the process correctly.

4 ,000 +

Tonnes of reusable bi-product created

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