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Solid Recovered Fuel

Thinking of getting into the SRF market?

SRF market is growing year on year with a significant capacity within the UK and the EU waste material markets.

Turning residual waste or MRF rejects into a commodity, not only allows you to access offtake at a lower price point, but improves your green credentials too.

How can we help you produce Solid Recovered Fuel on-site?

SRF is used as a replacement for fossil fuels, such as coal, in energy-heavy industries. The quality of the Solid Recovered Fuel produced depends primarily on the processed waste. Most commonly, industrial and commercial waste is the waste stream used for the production of Solid Recovered Fuel, but most non-recyclable, exhausted, or contaminated waste can be successfully turned into SRF using our technology.

There are strict control parameters to ensure that the composition of the SRF meets customer compliance obligations. Moisture content, caloric value, ash, and chlorine content all make a difference in the chosen offtake route. Ensuring that your end product, SRF, has the same characteristics every time has been a challenge for most waste handlers who have tried breaking into the market.

Biotechnology allows you to better control and predict the composition of the end product, floc, making it possible to produce SRF on-site.

Independently analysed by customers and offtakers

It is critical to provide evidence on the performance of the XO technology in treating residual Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and the quality of the resulting floc.  This provides confidence to the regulators, users of the floc (SRF offtakes) and to our customers, in knowing that the process works consistently and effectively. 

We have processed residual waste (MSW) from a number of sources through the Advetec XO technology to demonstrate the effectiveness of the process.

The resulting floc has been sampled and tested independently, as well as by the SRF offtakes we work with, to demonstrate its quality as Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). Additionally, it demonstrates that the process has stabilised the floc which ensures that it does not create offensive odour or break down further.

The analysis completed has measured the full range of characteristics as required by SRF and all have been shown to be within the typical parameters expected.

Feedstock and output

Here you can see the feedstock used for testing and the output, floc.

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How can we help you break into the SRF supply chain?

Scientific data and the ability to proof a stable supply of a quality end product make a difference.

Our highly skilled, experienced team will help you find out if your waste stream is suitable for SRF offtake, and will help you secure it at a competitive price. Our experts will help you navigate through permits and logistics, as well as help with quality control. We work with a number of organisations that are looking for new suppliers of the quality waste derived fuels.

The first step in our process is ensuring that our technology will deliver results you are looking for.

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