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Turn your waste into a commodity

Accelerate your journey to Net Zero and impact on your ESG strategy by decarbonising your business.

Dramatically reducing waste

Implemented at source allows for instant transformation of waste at your facility. The Advetec team ensure that its system integrates into existing site operations processes and becomes seamless to the on-site teams.

Processing immediately on-site can streamline your operation, improve efficiencies and create usable space by minimising waste collection requirements. This is turn will allow for significant reduction in vehicle collections from the site allowing for improvement in environmental credentials and neighbourhood considerations.

Delivering significant cost savings

With its fixed cost offering Advetec can contain your waste disposal costs, its financing plans allow for instant savings from the first month of the system going live.


Using our expertise and skills we will provide solutions and services to all manner of industries, companies and sectors saving money, reducing waste and the enhancing our environment in equal measure.

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Chief Operating Officer

Serving a broad range of industries

Leisure & tourism


Consumer goods

Food and beverages


Government institutions

How XO system works?



Waste shredding

The waste goes through an industrial grade shredder to begin the process – this ensures that a consistent and optimum particle size enters the biomass.


Heating and bacteria

The system initially heats the waste to kick start the bacterial activity. Once optimum temperatures have been achieved the exothermic reaction self-generates the majority of the heat required. The heating system is then used to maintain the temperature above a minimum threshold for continual operation 24/7. This creates resiliency in the system for periods of inactivity.




Advetec’s unique additives are added automatically. This ensures a robust and strong biomass is maintained and allows for the system to cope with the inevitable existence of biocides within the waste stream.



Rapid digestion

Advetec’s equipment has multiple chambers. These chambers are aerated to allow the aerobic process to flourish. The waste is indexed through the process, allowing for the addition of fresh waste at regular intervals.


The output material is called FLOC. It typically has a moisture content less than 15%, with organic matter reduced significantly during digestion, and has an increased calorific value.

Depending on the waste stream and customers’ requirements, the FLOC can be used as Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) or have further value extracted.

A secondary treatment process may be necessary dependant upon the customers requirement for the digestate.

The FLOC is stable and compliant with the AT4 limits in Scotland.

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