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We’ve come a long way since we started in 2000

Originally focused on biological solutions to the agricultural industry, we evolved to become the leading technology business within the aerobic treatment of mixed waste streams. We are an environmentally-focused, UK-based company, but with strong li

Built on a strong foundations, we have transformed the way we think about waste and aspire to influence all businesses to do likewise; having had some great successes along the way.


Holiday island in the Bahamas installs latest Advetec XO6 unit

Second cruise line installs an Advetec XO6 unit to process two tonnes of food waste per day on island, removing cost of transportation back to the mainland.


Huge reduction in waste volume at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol

Shopping centre significantly reduces their waste volume by up to 70%. Mixed food hall waste effectively digested resulting in an exceptional decrease in the number and frequency of waste hauls per week."

Advetec provide a complete waste management process using its XO technology at Six Flags over Texas Theme Park

A fully integrated XO3 system was installed to fix and reduce costs whilst alleviating the need and logistical issues associated with compactor hauls.


Welcoming our new CEO, Jim Lovett

2019 was a pivotal time for the business, presenting more opportunity and a more enterprising leadership team than ever before. Advetec was at the beginning of a new business cycle, looking to strengthen the team to enable delivery against its most ambitious targets to date.

Advetec to provide one of the first XO6 machines delivered to the USA

Tacoma Mall, one of over 100 shopping centres within the Simon Property Group, was used as a trial location to see the effects of waste reduction and cost control generated through the XO machine.


Major UK food producer installs latest Advetec liquid bioreactor

Control of liquid effluent was key to this facility’s compliance requirements; with the Advetec biological treatments achieved in its bioreactor enabling it to happen 24/7.


Advetec bio thermic reactor technology deployed into Middle East food processing facilities

Sludge waste from food manufacturing facilities treated with Advetec solutions, utilising bespoke biotech additives to achieve significantly reduced process times of less than 24 hours.


Docklands waste transfer station adopts Advetec BTR technology

Initial large-scale mixed waste biological treatment solution installed for processing mixed solid waste.


Advetec achieves ISO 18001 Quality Health & Safety Management Systems accreditation

Expansion and blue chip company clients instrumental in Advetec implementing H&S Management systems, building on the previous ISO accreditations. Focusing the organisation on continual improvement in all areas of management, environment and OS&H for clients and staff alike.


Advetec achieves ISO 9001 & 14001 Quality Management and Environmental Management accreditations

Advetec committed to improving quality and customer care. This led us to implementing quality management and environmental management systems accreditation at our very first attempt.


Liquid Waste treatment solutions deployed to multiple UK facilities

Advetec deploys its engineered biotech solutions to control and maintain liquid effluent quality in industrial-scale food production facilities. This enables stabilised waste streams to be presented to the waste water treatment facilities. In addition, its additives can minimise or eradicate fats, oils and grease – eliminating fatbergs in the sewer systems.


The company was founded in 2000

Advetec was formed as a science & engineering company, providing specialist business-to-business solutions for the treatment of liquid effluent and waste, at source. Its unique approach using enhanced naturally occurring biotechnology was set to revolutionise waste treatment.