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What we do

We turn waste into a commodity.

We are a biotechnology company specializing in the reduction of waste containing organic material.

Our XO systems combine robust, clever engineering with bio-stimulants, allowing for rapid aerobic digestion, turning waste containing organic material into Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF).

We provide our clients with environmental and commercial benefits leading to a healthier planet.

Minimising impact on the environment and reducing operational costs

50% waste mass reduction

Our technology enables our customers to reduce waste mass by 50% within 48-72 hours.

As part of our process, we collect waste samples and have them independently characterised to establish the predicted waste mass reduction and operational cost savings.

Reduced transportation needs

Halving waste mass reduces the need for transportation, and so benefits your profit margins and the environment.

With fuel and energy prices rising and the labour market under strain, limiting the number of trips required helps to improve reliability and keep your operational costs down.

Lower offtake price

The output material from the XO machine is dry and has a higher calorific value. You will be able to dispose of it as Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) or further extracts its value as Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF).

Waste that doesn't contain organic material is less harmful to the environment and more cost effective to dispose off.

Improved ESG for you and your customers

Turning waste contaminated with organics into Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) creates an opportunity to further contribute to the Circular Economy, and speed up the journey to zero waste and improve ESG strategy.

Fewer transportation needs further reduces carbon footprint.

Seamless integration


Easy to install with a low overall footprint


Up to 70% waste volume and 50% waste mass reduction results, on average


Standard power supply requirements and no water connection needed


Can handle mixed, organic and non-organic matter


Fully automated 24/7 process with live data logging


Affordable monthly payment options negating capital outlay

Our product range

Over 20 years of Research and Development, continuous improvement, testing in industrial and rugged environments come together in our XO technology. The XO units help you reduce your waste, costs and carbon footprint.

XO product range

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Sales executive


Looking to minimise your environmental impact and improve the world, all while saving money?

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