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If you don't believe in what you do, change it

Our values shape how we work every day, enabling us to maintain a high-achieving culture with a simple outcome mindset.

We enjoy working on solutions for our customers, we are fanatical about the customer service.

Value-driven foundations

Advetec has established five simple values which are the foundations of the business. These are not buzz words, but form the backbone of the business and drive the actions, behaviours and activities that are creating a world class company with a dynamic culture.

Results oriented

We take innovative approaches to solve problems that deliver real results and value to our customers.

People focused

We work together as a team, we roll our sleeves up and get the job done. Our people are our most valuable assets.

Fanatical about customer excellence

Our customers are driving the innovation. We listen and learn first, so we can deliver the right solution.

Quality in everything we do

We focus on sustainable success. Quality shows in our every action, product and innovation.

Operate at pace

We turn impossible ideas into reality within commercial timelines.

Enjoy your work

Do it for the right reason with the team that inspires you.

The people living our values every day


Of employees would recommend Advetec as a great place to work


Growth in team size over the last 12 months; with no signs of that pace slowing down due to an ever-increasing demand for our services

A thriving culture

Advetec has a very capable leadership team with the experience to create a dynamic and market-leading company. The team have the prerequisite blend of entrepreneurial backgrounds and industry skills to make the business an industry leader. The senior leadership team is complemented by Non-Executive Directors who also have a wealth of relationships

Advetec employs the brightest and best talent, creating a culture in which everyone pulls together towards achieving common goals. Every decision is made with a focus on solutions and delivery, something that is driven from the top down.

Our leadership

One Advetec

Our open management approach ensures we have clear and quick lines of communication and a ‘one company’ approach.

Advetec has a strong base of sales, operations, science and engineering teams capable of taking the company forward, but we are always looking for new, like-minded talent to join our growing team.


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Scott Owen

Director of Business Development

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