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Industrial-grade machine to fit your operational needs

Advetec XO machines are available as systems capable of multi-machine configuration, that can process up to 80 tons of Mixed Residual Waste per day.

This allows for variation in your future waste tonnage processing requirements.

The output is classed as Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) and is AT4 compliant in Scotland and Ireland.

Handling large volume of waste

The ability to continually process waste 24/7 is critical in the efficient management of a waste handling operation. Eliminating the need for multiple handling of material allows for a more efficient process to be utilised saving time and costs.

The XO machines have been engineered and manufactured to cope with the rigorous environment that they are exposed to in the waste industry. The system has been designed with minimal customer disruption at the heart of what it does, and the maintenance has been simplified through robust design and feedback from our installations across the world.

Our modular design allows fo variation in your future waste tonnage processing requirements.

XO System multimachine configuration

We design XO Systems to fit our customers needs allowing them to process up to 80 tons of mixed solid waste per day.

Saving money where it counts

Waste management costs have continued to rise year on year for the last decade; a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

To alleviate that we have created an operating model which examines all these factors, encompassing the current costs of our customers (whilst mitigating their future increases) and offsetting them against the volume and mass reductions, so that our customers can be assured of lower, fixed waste costs on an annual basis.

With our XO technology, our customers stabilise their operational costs, reduce the waste mass by 50% and are able to dispose of the floc output through SRF network at a lower price.

Rising cost of waste management



Landfill gate charges & taxes



Fuel & energy prices, HGV drivers and low-skilled labour shortage



Energy from Waste taxes

Sustainable savings with Advetec XO



Reduction in waste mass



Overall cost savings on average

Lower offtake cost

We dovetail our technology into our customers’ operations ensuring there are little or no changes to site operators’ activities, this helps ensure rapid adoption by the team using our machines.

Richard Goff

Chief Operating Officer

Remote management and control

The Advetec XO technology is in use across the globe. With that in mind, we have to ensure we can operate, control and monitor equipment anywhere in the world 24/7. Every Advetec system has a remote access capability that reports information in real-time.

Our machines monitor the production process including weights, heat, energy use and volumes in real-time – sending data back to our head office where we can control, change and adapt the systems for maximum throughput.

Minimising risks, maximising efficiency

When designing the XO system, minimising the H&S risks and maximising the operational efficiency was at the forefront of our agenda.

Operational efficiency and Health and Safety

Waste management sector is traditionally one of the most high-risks environments to work in., with fatal injuries occurring each year.

When designing the XO system, minimising the H&S risks was at the forefront of our agenda. Our software ensures safe operation, with complete physical segregation and significantly reduced human interaction. All moving pieces of machinery are enclosed, and fail-safes are in-place further ensuring safety of the operating team.

To maximise the operational efficiency on-site, we use traffic light system with a count down monitor. This simple implementation allows the on-site team to minimise any potential down-time.

Real world impact

Blazing the trail with innovative waste handlers, waste processing plants and waste management companies, creating a sustainable future.

Long-term contract agreed

We have agreed a long-term contract with Max Recycle to provide an Advetec XO22 system to their site in Houghton Le Spring.

The machine will process trade waste from over 3,000 local businesses every day.

Max Recycle will benefit from our offtake network, reducing its cost and decarbonising local economy at the same time.

The first NHS Trust site is in operation

Stoke Mandeville Hospital, part of the NHS Buckinghamshire Trust , is the first hospital that will use our XO machine to treat non-clinical waste.

Our solution will manage and reduce waste across a number of hospitals within the Trust, impacting Scope 2 and accelerating the journey to Net Zero.

This long-term contract is in partnership with Sodexo.

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Scott Owen

Director of Business Development

Scott Owen Advetec North America

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