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Re-think waste

Re-think your waste and become a sustainability champion

The drive towards a more sustainable future is increasing year on year, with stakeholders paying close attention to green agendas.

Reducing waste and improving the organization's footprint can have a significant impact on both the company's reputation and its bottom line.

We are on the mission to help universities understand and minimize their waste, as well as its impact.

Universities can level up their environmental game with Advetec

Managing waste on university campuses is no mean feat. Some are so large, they’re practically cities unto themselves. However, the perfect storm between meeting youth's purpose-driven and societal ambitions and leveraging universities' exceptional facilities and educational mandate makes them a leading force in the sustainability drive.

At Advetec, we believe technology plays a leading role in easing the struggle and making the world a better place to live in. Our in-vessel XO systems harness the power of microbial processes and natural enzymes to accelerate waste degradation and produce a valuable coal replacement product.

We aim to empower universities to not only reduce unrecyclable waste and minimize harmful greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste and transportation but also contribute to the circular economy and extract its true value as a commodity.

Together let's reach for the STARS.

The benefits of Advetec XO on-site technology



Waste Mass Reduction



GHG Reduction



Disposal Cost Reduction

Why sustainable waste strategies need to be championed by university leaders?

As the climate crisis develops, we have to ask ourselves why we send so much waste to landfills often at a high-cost when it doesn’t extract any value from waste? It’s a very pressing question, especially as the technology is already there to minimize and unlock the value of unrecyclable waste for the circular economy, reduce costs and lower CO2e.

The answer is almost certainly habit, and because there is still a lack of transparency, autonomy and information surrounding waste. However, as the impetus for environmental change increases, waste creators must embrace other methods and demand different solutions from their waste handlers.  This will only be achieved if business leaders feel empowered to interrogate their waste handlers’ decisions and insist that their waste be treated as a valuable commodity in the circular economy. 

Universities, including yours, are in a perfect position to lead the way and bring about positive change for the future.

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